The goal of the school is to introduce the participants to modern methods and computational techniques in quantum chemistry. Participants are assumed to have at least a knowledge of quantum mechanics as represented, for example, by Molecular Quantum Mechanics, P. W. Atkins (Oxford University Press). In addition the participants are assumed to have a basic knowledge of quantum chemistry methodology, in particular the Hartree-Fock method as well as the concepts of Linear combination of atomic orbitals (LCAO) and Slater determinants.


Registration 2024 has closed due to the large number of applications received.
The number of students is limited to 80. Your place is only guaranteed when we have received your registration fee. The registration fee is 2100 EUR for university participants and 6500 EUR for others. The price covers: food and lodging in single rooms, including welcome reception and, Sicilian dinner, farewell party, tuition fee (lectures/tutorials/discussions sessions), and school material (including three text books).

Lecturers (2024)

Coupled Cluster Theory
Basis Sets, Integrals and SCF Methods
Multiconfigurational methods: the past, present and road ahead
Mathematical methods
Algorithm design
Magnetic properties
Local correlation
General aspects of computational chemistry
QM/QM and QM/MM hybrid methods
Response Theory
Second Quantization
Relativistic Quantum Chemistry
Molecular properties
Symmetry and Quantum-chemical Calculations
Density Functional Theory

Local Organizing Committee

Giampaolo Barone (Palermo)
Fabrizio Lo Celso (Palermo)


Trond Saue (Toulouse)


Simen Sommerfelt Reine (Oslo)
Stefano Battaglia (Z├╝rich)
Roberto Di Remigio Eikås (Algorithmiq Ltd)
Elisa Rebolini (Grenoble)
Michael Patzschke (Dresden)
Lucas Lang (Berlin)
Pauline Colinet (Mülheim)
Peter Taylor (Tianjin)